This morning I woke up wanting cinnamon toast so I'm munching on some toast and sipping my french press coffee, dee-licious.

So I've been printing cowboys, horses, roses, stars, and 'homes on the range'. I'm really enjoying the antique, western themed letterpress type we have and putting them together to make imaginary stories. These particular prints will be used to make new jotters which I hope to have ready in the next couple days. I'll let you know when they're in the shop.

} There's another great group of guest at habit for July. I'm excited my good friend Alicia is one of them. :)
} Modish BIZ Tips offers 7 reasons why shop owners need to blog with encouragement and helpful reminders. {And I was totally floored to see my name on that list among such respected bloggers. Thank you Jena. :)}
} How awesome is this vintage perpetual calendar?

Happy first day of July,