a garden of goodness

I adore the black & white and watercolor illustrations of this children's book, "Johnny Crow's Garden". The text leaves a visible impression in the pages which, of course, I find intriguing as well. The story is about a slew of animals who have particular predicaments and other animals help them out. In the end they all sit down at the table for supper. How sweet is that? And as most good children's books, this one has a pleasing rhyme to it. "Johnny Crow's Garden" is one of a few antique children's books I have and like to collect. If you'd like to see an image of it closer, please click here.

Well the cat still has my tongue about my new drawing, yet I am letting the cat out of the bag about one thing. I owe a HUGE thank you to Julie & Kathryn, the fabulous ladies behind Perfectbound for writing the Blog Beautiful feature in UPPERCASE MAGAZINE 2 about little ol' me. I was going to wait until the magazine actually arrived in my mailbox to tell you but Janine kindly posted this yesterday and well, I just was too excited!

} You will NOT want to miss echoes today, as we will be featuring the work of a very special guest. And let me tell you, this piece is a show stopper! Trust me. It's awesome. And the artist herself is amazing.

I hope you have a great weekend; M. and I will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary! {How did that happen already?!}