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* This morning I walked into a store and saw an older woman standing at her cart and putting something into her purse. At that moment, for no particular reason, seeing her caused me to remember and imagine my grandmother putting something into her pocketbook. {She always called a purse a pocketbook.}

* I went into another store and all the rows of shiny, clear plastic coat hangers clicking next to each other took me back to my childhood summers. My grandparents would take us girls shopping from time to time at the mall and this moment brought to mind a certain Esprit shirt they got for me.

* Then at the far end of a parking lot there was an older gentleman lifting a woman from her wheelchair and placing her into the passenger side of the car. I don't know the relationship but imagined they were husband and wife. I instantly felt an ache in my whole body and tears under my eyelids and thought of his care for her and of course imagined, what if this were us?

These moments gather together and arrest me in my hurry. I've been in such a hurry lately. Hurry up and pull weeds, hurry up and vacuum, hurry through preparing dinner, and even hurry up to finish a project. This mode doesn't make for the best results. And yet, I don't imagine this weekend will be any less of a hurry for us but I'm looking ahead to next week, when we will indeed slow down.

I will at least try to notice moments in the meantime and hope you have a weekend full of memorable ones,