we're back


So we just returned this afternoon from a week of vacation at the beach and time visiting my family. The days were relaxing, full of sunshine and gazing at the ocean, listening to the waves, enjoying three varieties of homemade ice cream, bike riding, walking along the shore, and of course visiting with my parents and sister. It was also nice to unplug for a while and I think the time away from the computer helps me to just live my own life and not worry about everything else. Do you know what I mean?

And now that we're back, we're confronted with everything that happened while we were gone but as my mom says, "you don't have to solve all the problems right when you return." And that is exactly what I do; I see it all as a big mental pile of tasks and then I get overwhelmed. So I shut myself up by beginning the 'return-to-home-housekeeping' by cutting a bouquet of zinnias from our garden {the garden which has gone bananas in our absence!}. And that is about as far as I've gotten so far. Now I think I will make an afternoon cup of french press coffee; we did get up at 3am after all to catch our first flight.

I'll return soon with more ocean views and thoughts,

ps. Thank you Sam for the interview and Julie & Kathryn for the piece at Design*Sponge!!