a few thoughts on the beach

My heart has always been shared in it's love for the mountains and the ocean. I was born in the mountains and then my family moved to the beach when I was in eighth grade. Before we moved, we took our summer vacations at the same beach, so my love of the ocean covers various stages in my life.

I feel now I find more refuge in these visits than in prior years. On our trip last week I remember greeting the ocean with excitement on the first day, walking on the boardwalk to the beach, carrying a beach chair, and wondering {sillily} if it missed me. And on the night before we left we took one last evening stroll and I reluctantly walked back up that same boardwalk telling the beach goodbye, for a while.

Perhaps you feel the same way, but I feel I could gaze at the open ocean for endless hours. I took magazines to read and even watercolors to the beach, but read nary a word and lifted no brush, because I'd rather just look at the ocean. It cleans out all that clutters my mind and I find the constant whispering sound of the waves so comforting. I had hoped that during my time of staring at the water I would have a revelation about a few current projects, yet that did not happen. My thoughts are clear and open, so perhaps I should embrace this new slate as an opportunity for newness, new ideas.

Thank you for your warm return welcomes,