making a jotter


I thought I'd show some pics today and share briefly a bit of my jotter making process :

{images are top > bottom & left > right}

1 & 2} All the types I use are antique and printed on our 1930's Vandercook proof press which I believe I've mentioned previously, is a gift from my husbands' family. I mix the ink colors by hand and roll the ink onto the type by hand.
3 & 4} Next I trim all the inside paper on the paper cutter and stitch the binding using a linen twine. Then I round all the corners using a hand-held corner rounder. {I was introduced to bookmaking/binding over ten years ago while I was a studio assistant and resident artist at Arrowmont when I took a class taught by Dolph Smith. I loved it!}
5 & 6} Then I make the button closure selecting a vintage button from my box to coordinate with each jotter. {I've had these buttons a long time and years ago I color coded them, wondering why on earth I was taking time to do that. Well, now it has paid off!}
7 & 8} Then I print the bookmark that goes inside the jotter with JOT letterpressed at the top and my name and website at the bottom {seen here} and package them up. {Have I ever mentioned I adore packaging and wrapping parcels? Well I do.}

This morning I just listed some brand new jotters in the shop that have cowboys, coffee kettles, tractors, roses, anchors, and other western style imagery. I hope you can go take a peek.

} This post of Rachel's is so good, and she's going to have a shop update this Friday with new ocean inspired photographs.

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