A while back I swiped this from some s-t-u-f-f my mom has that belonged to her mother. It's a tissue packlet {yes I mean packlet, for lack of a better word} that says "BETTER REST MAKES BETTER HUSBANDS". I saw it as we were going through things in old dresser and desk drawers and found it to be such a comical treasure. In it's comedy lies some real truth, no? And I cannot myself disagree with it's statement nor can I read it without saying aloud in my best southern accent of course, "Honey, ain't that the truth!" or something to that effect.

And oh, it should be noted, that while designing my jotters {thank you for all your kind comments lately about my jotters too!} I made some small books in this matchbook style with hand painted covers. An idea which still needs to be ironed out, if at all. Anyway,,,

} The new Mankind Mag : the lazy issue is out today! {and I think in it there may be a little piece from me. I have yet to see...}