"you sure look tall next to me, friend", graphite, handmade watercolor on paper, 4 in. x 4 3/8 in.


I have been working on a number of projects behind-the-scenes which have me thinking about simplicity and cohesion. I feel the need to organize something like I did with these pieces in a grid. This form of visual tidy up arranges parts to form a whole. Yet I also like to create concise imagery. I feel my work really is an amalgam of austerity and profusion because there is a need for both at times. So yesterday I began a series of small works, titled "short stories" with the piece above being the first. I like it. This way of working clears my head and forces me choose carefully while not subtracting just a little bit of wit. Also during this time I have also been making arrangements in my head, and feel it is about time to put one together.

Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to be your summer guest! Have you checked out her entire summer guest series?

Tomorrow I believe I will share some favorites that have an organized flair,