I woke up this morning late and in a hurried panic. Do you ever do that? And then I was utterly confused for some reason. It didn't help that the neighbor's dog had been yelping to be let in all morning and I had been having long dreams about laundry and furry cats. I guess not a good mix. But then I remedied the situation with hot french press coffee and a chocolate chip cookie. I finally got around to making some cookies last night. We had been out of them for waaaayyy too long.

Hey thanks everyone for all your great support of Cup & Saucer. We love your comments at our blog! Also we had a great first day in our shop, and can hardly believe there are only a couple bread bags left!

I promised a few links didn't I? Well I have decided this one has enough for today; it is pretty much blowing my mind. It is like opening a giant box of treasure. but does it float

Have a good day,