Gallery Store is Open!


Well after many long hours of work and countless emails with friends who helped in the process, I am so thrilled to announce the opening of my New Studio Gallery Store! I really cannot tell you how consumed I have been with putting this together, well, my husband will tell you. He's been doing all the cooking and dish washing lately so he's ready for me to get "back".

Anyway, needless to say I am happy with this new endeavor and so pleased to have a place to show my gallery work. The store has an emphasis on works on paper, pinhole pieces, and framed pieces. In many of the pieces I make the paint by hand, grinding dry pigments with various mediums to make egg tempera, watercolor, and oil paint. And oh, my new "shell series" that I've talked briefly about is featured there as well. So to celebrate my new store I am offering FREE Continental U.S. SHIPPING on FRAMED ART purchases throughout the month of AUGUST. Yay!

I hope you can go take a peek at it and let me know what you think. And now that it is up, I'm not sure what to do next! Well that's not entirely true, I do have another BIG surprise in the works. But that's for later. :)

Till soon!