Inspired : August 09

So. Summer really is ending soon, isn't it? I say soon because technically it hasn't left us, but since I begin teaching again today, it sort of is.

I love this image Jen sent me last night for our Inspired collaboration, in response to my August piece. I always am so intrigued with how she interprets the information from my drawings, and what she uses to compose a photograph. I feel it closes summer nicely, with fondness for beach vacations and long stretches of daylight and many hours enjoyed outdoors. In a few days she will make the initial piece for September too.

And I guess I am trying to prepare myself for autumn with a blog background of watercolor leaves, did you notice? Yet I will officially declare summer's end when our last garden tomato has ripened and fallen from the vine and when the evenings are too cool for the okra and finally when there are no more crickets humming at night with the cicadas.

The weather yesterday was gorgeous so I did spend some time in the garden writing a letter, listening to crickets, examining giant grasshoppers, and catching sight of a black snake. I took some pictures which I'll share soon.

Here's to a great week for you all,