bits and pieces


Today I thought I'd show you the antique copper stencils that I recently mentioned. They belonged to my grandmother and I have enjoyed using them in the shell series as they make such precise, delicate lines. I imagine they could have been crafted by a jeweler, hand cut with a tiny saw. When I first took a metals class in college, who knows how many of those paper-thin blades I broke!

Jen has posted my August Inspired piece. Can you tell I was thinking about the tints & whites found in seashells and their textures created from tumbling in sand and water? I wonder what direction her response will go? Of course, I can't wait to see.

Honestly I cannot believe it is already Friday. The week has been quite busy and in the midst of it I have also been tidying up my Etsy shop. I have decided my Etsy will carry small works on paper, original art cards, photography and letterpress goods while by Gallery Store features larger series or collections, pinhole work and framed pieces. It feels nice to have a space that showcases the various ways I love to work.

What are you doing this weekend? I want to try tomato & zucchini tart recipe, as our garden is overflowing with zucchinis, squash, and tomatoes! A wonderful thing about summer, no?

Have a great one,

ps. Thank you to Barbara for emailing me with her Fine Art Friday post today and to Benz for her post at her beautiful space. Thank you ladies!