Last night I was remarking to my husband while we were fixing supper, how autumn always makes me feel very creative, yet that creativity doesn't come easily. The transition stirs me, and is agitating in a way that is not necessarily bad but doesn't feel especially good either. I feel I have been in transition for weeks now. I have ideas percolating, yet am waiting for the right time to share them. While I am in this creative waiting room, between seeing my ideas come to fruition, I am pacing and working and hoping that something "clicks" and something happens that I can roll with.

I have been making some small paintings using saturated colors and geometric shapes with handmade watercolor, which I may put in my Gallery Store soon. My mind is also also thinking in this direction as well, combining letterpress with drawing and painting. And these are on my mind as well.

And as I am writing this post, I am reminded why I began this blog in the first place, years ago. As a kind of studio journal, to help gather my working thoughts in written form, to record process, and maybe find a little clarity in all of it.

It's Friday. I hope you have a good one.