Sketchbooks and letterpress


Over the weekend I went downtown and got a few moleskines and thought I'd share part of the first page with you. There is something special about beginning a new sketchbook isn't there? I usually like to save starting a fresh one for a new year or birthday but didn't want to wait this time. I got a small, thin one because while I am good at starting a sketchbook, it can take me several years to fill one up. Surely I can complete it sooner than that! Maybe if I dedicate a little time daily to putting my ideas here rather than on bunches papers all scattered about then I can do it. You think?

What I really want to share with you today is my friend Christy's amazing new shop!  You have got to go see it, the site in itself is a work of art!  I'm not kidding.  Not only is her letterpress work unequaled in quality but her beautiful new store design just showcases it perfectly.   One of my favorite new products of hers are these Personalized Seed Packets.  She will letterpress a name of your choice onto these beauties, making them a smart and lovely gift for a gardener you know. Or if you're harvesting some heirloom seeds from your summer garden, these are just the thing you need!  I also love these Wine glass markers and everything on her Assortments and Sets page. Go see for yourself, she has so many lovely letterpress goods.  You may also visit her blog to leave her a little note.  I know she'd love to hear from you.  :)

Till soon,