Little things about the day

While I feel right now I need to focus on the big picture with my studio work, in my personal life I am finding joy in the little things.

Today's small joys :
} Scoring homemade shortbread and noticing the holes or perforations as a thing of beauty.
} Talking with artist friends, sharing ideas, accomplishments and woes, and bits of helpful info. Camaraderie is so valuable when you work solely in the studio.
} These beautiful seed packets from Christy are simply amazing and I am humbled. Thank you Christy! You have until tomorrow to enter for a chance to win your own set in her giveaway!
} So I guess I have been looking at things closely this week, and while this brings joy I am also discovering some challenges. Through the hard stuff I have been telling myself to just "show up" and am finding those little joys {and good friends} can start to get you through it. Oh, this is a new watercolor, a work in progress.

Thank you for sharing your inspirations!

ps. Oh good grief. I forgot to tell you, the sale in my shop ends tomorrow then those sale items will go poof! Gone forever.