It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I just have to get through it. That isn't the best feeling to me because I feel like I am just trudging through and not really living. But I have noticed two things that really make a day special for me. One, getting out for a long walk and walking a different path. Two nights ago we walked along where they are working on the "rails to trails" project, and are amid removing railroad tracks. I noticed some interesting plants and it felt so good to be outside and appreciate s p a c e. The second thing I have realized, on days when I am not picking up my camera {or not able to} I really miss it. Taking pictures allows me to stop, and simply focus on something other than what I am doing. Or alternatively, look at some piece of goings on as particularly special. Taking pictures allows me to breathe. Does that make sense? Do you feel similarly?

This morning I am taking my time a little and actually finishing my cup of coffee before rushing out the door. {And now I'm letting my big orange cat sit on my lap, getting me all furry.} Also I came upon the geometric collages & paintings of Matthew Rich. I like this one & this one.

I hope your week is going well. Oh, I want to mention we have written a little post over at Cup & Saucer.

See ya,