Inspired : September 09


Good morning Friday,

How are you? I woke up late today because it's so grey here and decided my coffee needed some frothy, mmmm to help perk me up. I'm looking forward to the long weekend and will take the opportunity to do some major printing. I am so excited because I feel like I haven't made work in forever, although I know that's not entirely true, it just feels that way. I also want to make some bread and enjoy my bread bag we made. We're so glad to hear from those of you who have received your C&S orders and are happy with them. yay!

The image above is Jen's beautiful photograph to kick off our September Inspired collaboration. I will make a response this month. As always when she sends me her image, my ideas begin to spin with possibilities.

That's all from me for now. I need more coffee, this cup is too small.

Happy long weekend!