Sharing a few glimpses of what I am working on in the studio this afternoon. I have been letterpress printing a five layer, five color {maybe six} print for a really awesome project that will soon be revealed {I don't think they've let the cat out of the bag yet}. I had some type blocks made from my drawings and this stump is just one of them. I have to say, I am smitten with this guy. From day to day I cover my inks with foil and noticed the smooth color traces on the crinkly shiny surface. And I am so excited to receive an issue of Art on Paper today! I love everything about this publication, the size, format, different papers they use for printing, and the ink smell. Not to mention it is so inspiring.

Now I'm sipping some hot tea and ready to get back to work. I left a comment in yesterday's post about the bread. I'll try to post the recipe there soon.

Happy 9.9.09!