One good thing

Well hello there,

It seems like I was just posting here but I see my last post was Christmas Eve. Time doesn't slow down just because it is a new year apparently.  So moving on.

It's incredibly cold here, is it where you are? It was -2 degrees this morning when my alarm went off, and as I was trudging around shivering I was trying really, really hard to think of something positive about winter. And I thought of something. Mowing your yard is unnecessary in winter. There's no getting all sticky and sweaty pushing the mower around, getting sweat in your eyes, or fighting off mosquitoes and horse flies. So I figured that's a plus right? Well. I tried.

It seems the new year is producing some new and revamped blogs.
Oh Joy is looking pretty. Susan has a new food blog called weekday food. Lisa will posting collections daily. And Abby has a new place. What others do you know of?

And finally a good bye.  Alicia and I have posted our final farewell here today.  Sniff.

Stay warm out there,