Little things

So the roll of film I had been waiting on turned out to be full of disappointments but thankfully some of the important ones are good. The day I took the top shot in early October I was walking back from the farmer's market on a Saturday morning and the red leaves hugging the tree caught my eye. Within a week they were gone. The lower one I took the day Granddaddy passed, and found myself walking about town in a strange mix of bewilderment and awareness.

M. made dinner again last night. Since I don't know how to grill (something that is working in my favor right now) and we're currently without a stove/oven (we had the gas line moved) he's been taking charge. He grilled some of our green peppers and stuffed them inside a grilled delicata squash with chick peas, homemade salsa and vermont cheddar. (Delicata squash may be my new fave.) And I'm happy to have a bit left over for my lunch.

Three links, art that makes use of little things:
> Stipple engraved convict love tokens from the 18th and 19th centuries. Look at this one.

> The work of chewing gum artist Ben Wilson.

> Last Leaf, a video by Ok Go using stop animation and drawings on many pieces of toast.