These ocean shots are from last weekend when I was visiting with family. Happily I got to walk on the beach with my sister one evening. Life got busy after my return to Kansas but I don't want to neglect to mention that I am thankful for the time I was with them (and had fun listening to 80's music on the drive with my sister). :)

This weekend too has had it's perks including M. taking charge of dinners both Friday & Saturday evening, with no prompting from me, I might add. Plus we did in fact get to eat at Wheatfields Saturday morning! So the only cooking I did this weekend were corn scones, granola and then I tried to make chocolate covered pretzels, which turned out slightly dampish.

Oh, does anyone have good movie recommendations? We sorely need to update our Netflix queue. Last night we watched Flyboys, which I liked. (And how cute is Mr. Franco in that movie?)

I like this photo set by Elisabeth Dunker, the country house.
And the stripes on these bright ceramics by Heather Braun-Dahl, especially the mugs.

Did you have a good weekend?