What Remains Inside

top image: Shari Altman
bottom image: mine

As fast and furiously as life has been whirring and churning past lately there are happily still those wonderful things that are worth their sweet time.  Like the aroma of bread dough rising, a slow infused cup of tea, watching for the sun to peer from the clouds, or waiting for that roll of film to be developed.  
Over the past year Shari and I have been exchanging handwritten letters and poems with one another through the mail. And today we are happy to tell you about our new collaboration What Remains Inside which we consider to be a public extension of these musings.  Like in a cozy white-walled gallery we'll "hang" photos from time to time and whisper a few words on different thoughts.  The "shows" will grow and change quietly and organically.  We would love for you to visit and feel it is a place you can return to for a few moments of calm and refreshment.

Hey, look at that. The sun came out today after all!