Good Day Sunshine

Good day, Sunshine.  That song is going through my head this morning.  Not that I'm thrilled it's Monday or anything.  But the sun is shining and makes the snow and ice look glassy.  I also noticed new tracks criss-crossing in the garden this morning, of the rabbit, bird and stray cat variety.  I like seeing what animals visit our garden while it's sleeping.  No, I think that song is in my head because a kind friend sent me a necklace made by Jenifer of sprout studio and wearing it today brings sunshine to my heart.  {Thank you, you know who you are. :)}

Did you have a good weekend?  Saturday was a long and productive studio day for me and yesterday I took a marathon nap.  I just kept, on, sleeping.  Then I woke up, made some earl grey tea, and put on my snow boots to walk around and look at the ice on branches.  If only when the ice melts everything would burst into spring!  Then last night I made oatmeal cookies and the granola recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, yeah it's good too.  And in all that oatmeal goodness I forgot to make a boule to go with our dinner.  We fixed a tomato pasta sauce with fire roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers and our own enokitake mushrooms.  Yum.  Oh, plus over the weekend we watched Julie & Julia, have you seen it?  I liked it.

Thank you for all the support, emails, and comments you've been sending Shari and I about our new set at What Remains Inside. We are really glad to know you enjoy it and are finding it meaningful too.

I better get going, it's a teaching day.

Have a nice Monday,