needing some inspiration


Last week I picked up this mid 1800's etching at an antique shop for less than the cost of a sub sandwich and it's already earned it's keep. Gazing at this tiny ocean even helped me solve a problem in a piece I was working on yesterday.

In springtime news we have crocus blooming and I wouldn't be surprised if our daffodils start showing color next week or so. Plus we've planted sugar snaps, radishes, kale, and bok choy in the ground. Indoors we've begun some crops too like broccoli and peppers to transfer later.

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately.  I'm completely immersed in my work, surely you know how that goes.  Hopefully my head will pop up from the ground before too much longer, perhaps before the daisies! 

Colorful inspiration not to be missed :

Ebb and Avalanche by Andrea Myers.