happy spring!

This week has been my spring break so I've taken the opportunity to work long uninterrupted hours on a very special project. A project that has been going for quite a while, which is partly why I've been a little scarce around here. I'm excited I'll get to share it with you soon!

So taking a little work break and with the official debut of spring coming this weekend I'm choosing a few of my favorite cards to rotate on my inspiration wall.  Clockwise from top left : Lisa Solomon, Sheri Reed at this joy + ride, Rachel SaldanaEmily at Shining Egg, Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Jen Causey at Simply Photo, Shu Fang Lee from Polaroid Notes, Geninne Zlatkis from Lark Books for Craft Hope for Haiti, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Duncan Johnson, and Jeffrey Isom.

Congratulations to Shari who is now guest blogging at The Stir, a Cafe Mom blog.

Happy Spring!