I'm really into film as of late. Walking about town with a camera is my new norm, in the hopes of finding or capturing a moment that has a certain something. Film has a tactile quality that I can't totally pinpoint; it gives the subject a tangibility. Is it the grain? Is it the density? What is it exactly? Whatever it is, it provides a fun exploration  (for me) and the sense that there are things to discover. Or maybe I just have a little bit of my grandfather in me. He always carried a camera in his shirt pocket.

Yesterday evening (when I was supposed to be finishing up some work) I got distracted by looking at this cute Heritage Jean Jacket and the jersey scarf. Of course, I really need another scarf.

The stories told in the Vintage Photo Contest over here are quite interesting.

I'm trying to return to a more regular blogging mode, did you notice?  While it's not quite back in full force yet, it's getting closer. 

Hope it's a great day where you are,