Well look at that. I have a blog. Yesterday I tried signing into my account and couldn't remember my password! Good grief.
Work, sleep, work, eat, work, work, work has been life lately. However the work is good so I'm not complaining. I have just been tunnel visioned. Last night I made cookies for the first time in weeks. Weeks! I mean I usually always have a batch of cookies in the jar but wow, was it fun make cookies again. Thankfully there is relaxation in store over the weekend. We don't even have set plans that I know of, but there are prospects of good things. Perhaps we'll go to the Earth Day parade downtown, or to the art walk/exhibition ReThink Topeka, go pick asparagus at a local farm, or simply do a little gardening. Who knows. But I do know I'll be taking a day or two off!

* And even though I haven't been here, I have been posting photos each day.

* Eyebuzz has a new show opening today, Paper!

* I'm excited to share my *BIG NEWS* with you next week, yay!  I hope you'll check back...

I hope you a great weekend!