This afternoon

Our lily of the valley are blooming. Yesterday evening as I was walking past them I caught a whiff of their aroma. I almost didn't see the tiny blooms all nestled in their lush greens. Are they blooming already I thought? I doubled back and sure enough there they were. I think their fragrance along with that of peonies are two of my all time favorite floral scents, other than lavender of course.  These are on my desk right now, brightening up this rainy afternoon.

For no particular reason at lunch today while I was waiting for my baked potato to finish baking, I decided to mix together a chocolate cake.  The "six minute chocolate cake" from Moosewood is a good go-to recipe for a simple and satisfying one-layer chocolate cake.  I also just took a boule out of the oven.  Seems my priorities are in check, eh?  Tonight I think we'll make a mushroom and broccoli quiche and toss together some salad greens from the garden.

Have you seen Alicia's lovely home tour yet?

Thank you so much for your hearty response to my book announcement.  Your cheers are awesome!

Have a nice afternoon,