This weekend we began an extensive cleansing of the house. We're compiling stacks of items to donate and recycle, oh what a process. I really want to pare down to just the items we wear, use and those in which we find beauty, with few extras. I dread going through ten+ years of my artwork though! Incidentally, the April issue of Vegetarian Times has an article about recycling organizations. Here's just a few that are catching my eye:

The New Orleans Kid Camera Project gives children impacted by hurricane Katrina a new way to express themselves and explore their neighborhood through photography and creative writing.

DonateMyDress.org has locations across the country that accepts prom and formal dresses and offers them to those who cannot afford them.

Recycle for Water recycles electronics like ink jet cartridges, used cell phones and more to fund non-profit clean water programs. You can even print out free shipping labels from their site. (Wish I'd seen this before I took 9 ink cartridges to Office Depot to recycle.)

This one makes me melt - Coats for Cubs of The Humane Society will use your old fur coat to nurture and comfort orphaned and/or injured wildlife.

. . . . . . .

We Love Liam, a giveaway/raffle comprised of an extensive list of artists is raising funds to help build an accessible bathroom for one amazing little boy. Get your tickets through May 9.

Shari and I opened a new set at What Remains Inside this morning, Blue. As we introduce new themes we are fading out the previous ones, so the images are live for only a short while. We'd love for you to drop by.

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