glue batik with preschoolers

As some of you know I teach in the Arts-Based Preschool program at The Lawrence Arts Center in a multi-age classroom of 3, 4, & 5 year olds. This week we've been making something for their moms for Mother's day. A while back I saw Jen do this child friendly batik method using glue and acrylic paint, and I instantly wanted to try it with our preschoolers for a special project. 
Monday we did the gluing step and yesterday we painted them. Yes I wanted to get photos of the children making them but wow, it was way too busy, working with these little ones, helping them squeeze the glue just enough but not too much, and then keeping the paint replenished, etc. I mean, you know. Well today I brought them home to rinse and wow, am I thrilled and relieved they turned out! I was a little worried when they were drawing with the glue because our glue didn't sit on the surface as in Jen's photos and I thought, oh no, this isn't working. But look at them! A lot of the younger children made interesting dots and dribbles while some of the older ones made shapes and patterns with the glue and paint.  I think they're great and I have a feeling when I take them to school tomorrow the kiddos will like them too.
Tomorrow we will sew and stuff them into pillows. I will try to get a photo but I already anticipate it will be a busy day. This has been a fun and very intense process. Doing one step at a time and allowing the children to draw and paint what they like makes it developmentally appropriate.  Let's hope the moms will like them too! :)

Wiping sweat from brow now,