Monday pair

Let's begin this week of diptychs, shall we? There's something about the creative exercise of putting images together that helps my brain work; to notice relationships, make connections, think about composition or mood, invent a narrative perhaps, and hopefully gain new ideas. When I was in grad school part of my thesis entailed pairing dichotomies which took the form of arranging different square panel paintings. And now when I work with other artists, it is always so interesting to combine ideas and imagery, as Alicia and I did for two years in The Noticing Project and Jen and I with our Inspired project.

I took both of the film photos above while walking around the neighborhood. If you click the image to view larger you may be able to see the albino robin chirping away on the platform in front of the truck. He is almost an undetectable detail in the center of his landscape, but to me, perched up there he is as poised as the weather vane on the garage.

You're more than welcome to join in this week of diptychs, let me know if you are.