Tuesday pair

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This morning the sun is finally shining and I'm getting excited for summer. Yesterday M. lay some straw around our pepper and tomato plants, 16 tomato plants and 15 peppers in all, I think we're set. And we ate our first two ripe strawberries, small and sweet!

The photo on the left I took recently in our garden and the black and white image is from all the way back in 1998. I took an infrared photography workshop at Arrowmont during my stay as a resident artist. The boy crouching in the middle is so small and frail compared to the boulders around him.  I put these two together for a number of reasons, the balance of simplicity that the tulip image brings to the rocky scape, the idea of water, and the lone figures in each.

I'm on a major cleansing and organizing spree this week. Oh the things I'm finding that I forgot we even had. This afternoon though I will take advantage of the sunshine and do some gardening and hopefully discover a few more strawberries.

See ya,