Summer, here we go

[some recent film shots : our daisies; homemade biscuits enjoyed by the kitchen window; farm eggs we buy from a friend. Yesterday I made some egg salad for lunch with a side of our salad greens. Yum.]

This week begins my summer vacation and I'm looking out at the days ahead like a big open picnic blanket, anticipating good things. I'm still in my frenzy of a cleansing spree since we're preparing to do a major house reno. We're moving everything out, except for the kitchen. By this weekend we may be ready to get a dumpster and start tearing out walls. Sounds like good times eh? So our temporary living space is the downstairs of my studio building and happily it's setting up pretty well. Maybe I'll share a few photos when we get it arranged.

Summer is about big projects right? Wait, you say it's about relaxing? Oh my, here we go...