garden notes

[spiderwebs in this morning light : 
the one above is tiny, about 3 in. wide; the one below is about 2 ft. wide]

Yesterday morning I worked for several hours weeding in the garden, and enjoyed popping a sun warmed strawberry in my mouth from time to time. While weeding I spotted a baby gartner snake cureld under some leaves and it darted it's tongue at me before sliding away.  M. picked our first sugar snaps last night. This morning I plan to finally get a few more seedlings in the ground, thai basil, pesto basil and a little trio basil.  

Did you hear this story about Emily Dickinson?  In addition to the article, I also like her white cotton gardening dress, seen in the last image of the slideshow.

And Shari's garden posts are always a fave.

Tomorrow begins demo time around here. Our dumpster was dropped off at 7am this morning.  Woohoo!

Have a nice long weekend!