in the garden

We awoke early and were in the garden by 7am pulling up the waning sugar snaps. After M. went to work I weeded the area so we can finally plant our okra. While pecking away at the dirt with my weeder tool, I uncovered a clan of the tiniest baby snails I'd ever seen. They weren't even 1/8 in. big! Some were 1/16 in. I'd say.  Their transparent shells are amazing. So of course I had to get the camera and decided to catch the zucchini bloom before it closed. And can you see the bumble bee on the poppy blooms and the honey bee flying away? It's not easy to catch those guys with a manual focus lens.

Last night we ate our first cucumber of the season and made a fritatta recipe recommended by Shari, with kale, thyme, farm eggs, and cheddar.  Very good.  I just gobbled up the leftovers for breakfast.

Have a nice weekend!