this moment

This is the view across my table this afternoon, with new work brewing, full palettes, and sunlight streaming through the skylights. This morning I decided again (seems like I have to remind myself of this) to make note of moments (little or large) and not take these days for granted. Last night I found out a dear gentleman neighbor of ours from down the street passed away. He used to jog down our alley regularly, say hello, talk about gardening, how our building projects were progressing, art, his granddaughter, etc. He was such a kind person, a friend to everyone, always eager to check up with people, and M. and I also knew his daughter in school. It is amazing how even people whom you don't know super well make an impact on your life. I am sure he inspired the lives of many.  I miss him already.

And on another note, a little bit of book news : My editor just sent me a preview of my book layout and next week I will have actual pages in my hands! Is it silly to say I cannot wait to see it?! Certainly this is a moment to take in. Hopefully I'll be able to share a teensy peek with you too.

Celebrate something this weekend ok?