Finding light

I picked a handful of our blackberries and topped a dutch babie I baked with them along with some warmed fresh peaches. Unfamiliar with what a dutch babie was, but remembering the tempting photo in a cook book, I decided to try the recipe. It's so simple to whip up and comes out something like a light popover/souffle/cake. Yummy, we liked it and think it's worth making again.

Yesterday we walked around the wetlands and I took a few film shots that came out well. But I have to say, I don't know what happened to this roll of film I just got back. There were nearly 14 shots that were entirely clear on the negative. Has something like that ever happened to you? Did I just have my settings way off? I'm not usually that off. Or was it a bad roll of film? Bad processing? Camera problem? The part that makes me saddest is that the shots that didn't come out are of dear friends. Makes me feel like I've really lost something to not have them. I mean, why couldn't this shot of the blackberries not have come out instead? I think the film roll knew which images I would most treasure and had a mean plot against me. Film can be fickle like that right? So today I loaded up a different camera with a different kind of film. And I believe I'll be sending my film off to somewhere else now.

Here's a new painting entitled "finding light" from last week. I've been working in the abstract as of late.

How's your weekend been?