Friday morning noticings

film shot from my recent vacation

I like noticing the little things around me, don't you? Almost like a child does. Perhaps it helps wake me up, shakes me from grown-up complacency that can set in and veil the beauty and mystery that is around us all the time. This morning on my walk I saw acorns in little piles at the base of trees and stepped over cicadas with their white, chalky bellies face up on the sidewalk. Dried up brown sycamore leaves are falling and the sun in it's angle downward is creating shade again behind trees; no more straight up in the sky sun. Does this mean the season is turning? Turning from beginnings to endings? Already?

Even so this week we planted beet, mesclun salad mix, bok choy, spinach, kohlrabi, and collard seeds for our fall garden in plots where our spring plantings had died. There's still time for new growth.

Before I go, I want to thank you so much for your encouragement about my book, Water Paper Paint. That's something else I was thinking about on my walk this morning, how grateful I am to you for all your kind acceptance of this work. It means a lot for you to share that with me. I hope this book will be helpful, inspiring and valuable to people.

And thank you to Rachel and Alicia for spreading the word. Don't miss Alicia's giveaway of an awesome leather cuff bracelet she made!

Have a good weekend,