it's time

on my table, mugs made by my Dad

Since today is the last day of "summer" break before teaching business begins next week, it seems like a good time to tidy up the studio. Time to start with a fresh palette, so to speak. Even though I did a lot of organizing at the beginning of the summer, papers and bits have slowly slipped back into piles of clutter. Granted, these stacks can serve a purpose, a reflection of a layered process, (yeah, let's call it that) I am ready for clarity, and spare surroundings. So, Rachel, I also declare this "get the studio in shape day!". :)

Here's a few links that caught my eye this week:
+ Got a worn leather belt that needs new life? Try Alicia's cuff tutorial.
+ Martha's necklace and inkBLOT designs in her shop.

Tonight we will be checking out the new Final Fridays arts events here in town. I'm excited to see people out in attendance, it's been quite the buzz lately.

Have a good weekend,