Walking around town with my camera

Good morning,

Before I left for my week away I walked about town with my husband's Pentax trying desperately to see this place and this town with fresh eyes. I kept telling myself to look at things anew, as if I were a tourist here and it was all exciting, all picture worthy, as if looking at it through the viewfinder would make it magical. And was telling myself that the buildings and trees and landmarks were interesting, uncommon, unusual even, and that I hadn't walked past them already a gazillion times. Yet as much as I tried to convince myself, it just wasn't happening. I was feeling hemmed in and dare I say bored by the place? But I think after a little time away, setting my eyes on different surroundings, staring at the ocean, it helped me feel more awake to this place, perhaps. Like this is an interesting town, full of fun quirks. But I do have to say, I am so anxious for the time when M. and I can take a trip to someplace new that we haven't seen. We haven't been able to do that in eight years, since our honeymoon.
So these are a few film shots of my town, my neighborhood, my fresh old surroundings. Reading back over this I sound like I'm still convincing myself. :) Oh, I also want to note that I am really happy with the top image, it feels like summer to me, with all it's hot haze and overgrowth.

Now I just need to finish the roll of film that has all the ocean views!

Have a great weekend,