color palette inspiration

My inspiration wall, with work by Rachel Saldana, Shari Altman, Emily Gaines Demsky my sister,
tear sheets, and my own photos.
The reclaimed cedar siding that we took down over a year ago, board by board from another house
2 1/2 hours away, drove home, planed, and are installing on our house this week.
of course, the ocean (on film)
Yesterday, along with my order of soaps from Oakmoss, Amber tucked in this card,
one of her beautiful photos of her spoon collection.  Thank you Amber.

I'm drawn to these neutrals and textures and am in the brainstorm stage of planning how to implement them in my work.

A movie to see : 180 South.
An article to read : Your Brain on Computers. (This article has be thinking about declaring my studio days as computer free days.)