These two images with the evening light of late summer and early autumn remind me of something I might take if Alicia and I were still doing the Noticing Project.

Last night I made a walnut Pâté from a recipe in the October issue of Vegetarian Times. Yum. The pâté is a blend of toasted walnuts, cannelini beans, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Then we spread it on toasted sourdough (recipe called for whole grain) with thinly sliced tart apple (recipe called for pear), roasted peppers and arugula (from our garden). It was tasty and easy to assemble after our bike ride and walk, which we sneaked in just before dark. I imagine as the days get shorter we'll begin eating dinner a bit earlier.

Did you see Erin's patchwork camera strap shop update today?
And I'm really looking forward to the launch of Martha's Scarf Shop next Tuesday.