Weekend moments

Film shots from July beach trip. Ferns growing on ruins of a pre-1800 house made of tabby.

You know how I said my one goal for the weekend was to dive into all my library books? Yeah, well, I probably got about ten pages read.  No matter, it was a fine weekend. Some moments:
  • I reviewed the color proofs for my book and am really happy with how this project has all come together. It's so exciting!
  • Did a little cleaning Friday afternoon, which makes the weekend feel fresher to have that done. Plus, you want to know a little bonus of having almost all of your house blocked off for construction/remodeling? Less rooms to clean.
  • Saturday we worked on the house during the day and then Sunday we went to Wichita so M. could compete in the BMX Kansas State Championships. Driving back Sunday evening, the sky was so unreal, like it was painted or in a western movie backdrop. There were pinkish grey clouds dotted all across, and the sunlight skimmed the tops of them. M. asked if we needed to stop so I could take a picture (I was driving) but I preferred just to keep heading into that sky.
  • Yesterday morning was quiet. I like waking up on a holiday when it's still, and you know everyone else is resting too. Even the cicadas are quieting down. We made tempeh bacon and pancakes for breakfast before getting back to work on the house. Saturday we picked out exterior paint colors, blue indigo and skipper. It's amazing how different the colors look in real life, outside of the store, and not on a little paint chip. So over the weekend we managed to prime and paint the exterior trim and got the house wrap put up along with a little of the trim. While we were out working I could hear tacking and hammering sounds of roof work going on somewhere in the neighborhood. Then I wondered who else was spending their weekend working on their house.

    Did you have a good weekend?