Today at preschool the children made wood sculptures. I always love watching them as they build, seeing their ideas come out. (Some of you can guess where the wood came from.)

This is yummy : homemade ginger ale. I drank three yesterday. And for some reason I really am into ginger right now. Last week I made gingerbread star cookies with lemon frosting and turbinado sugar sprinkles. They're gone now so I think I'd like to make more soon.

Recently watched : Episodes I, II, & III of Craft in America

In the process of watching : episodes of Thirty Something

Yesterday I loaded a new roll of film after several weeks of not shooting a thing. Feeling uncreative and uninspired can feel awful, but I am inclined to think that it can also be a way of recharging. But it is hard to look at it that way when you're in it.