New watercolor work and Hearts + Hands for Japan

Lately I have been developing a small body of new watercolor paintings. I am thinking about how color flows through confined areas and in some of the pieces I may attach solid shapes or draw constructions growing out from the color shapes. While I work I note phrases or concepts about these austere paintings in my sketchbook like: "learning the words", "finding and discovering", "between loss and moving forward".
I plan to list a few of these pieces in my gallery store later in the week. It will be the first update of new original work in over four months! The paintings will be up for only two weeks then they will be on to other things. I'll keep you posted.

Also I am so pleased to be contributing to HEARTS + HANDS for Japan, designed and coordinated by Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press. Open edition HEARTS + HANDS cards, designed and letterpress printed by Satsuma press, are for sale until April 6th, 2011 for $10 each. Each purchase receives one entry to the HEARTS + HANDS drawing which includes prizes from 90 independent artists, studios and shops. 100% of the proceeds from the HEARTS + HANDS card sales will be donated to relief efforts in Japan in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

I will share later on what my contribution will be. Please consider giving to HEARTS + HANDS. You can donate, learn more about the project, and see the list of artists here or click the Hearts + Hands button in my blog sidebar. Thank you Lynn for putting this together! This project is just another great example of how there is good happening in our world.