Hanging a new show

I arranged my paintings, drawings, and pinhole pieces yesterday in the gallery. It is always an interesting exercise for me to move my work around, trying various configurations, relating stories and formal elements from one piece to the next, thinking about how the viewer might move about the room. While there, the a/c temporarily went out, so we worked with the lights off. That space gets such great natural light. I'm going to have over forty pieces in this show, which opens this Friday 6-? at Signs of Life Gallery so Lawrence friends, come on out! Remember, it's Downtown Final Friday, so lots of galleries and show spaces will be open!

Do you ever think about what remains, the residue of something, what was once there, a memory, a shadow, a trace? The color markings on my pastel box lid made me think of that.

Our bachelor buttons are blooming now. We have a little patch of them, next to a row of cosmos, sedum, and a sprinkling of herb plants. I made a few bouquets to place around the studio.