A list of ups and downs

Friday night we picked the first (small) harvest of edamame and Saturday a handful of okra. Somehow in the sweltering heat, those plants stay strong. Last night M. fixed stuffed peppers for dinner, something he likes to make and I love to eat!

Two good films we have seen lately: Temple Grandin & Faces of America.

Staying hydrated: ice water with lemon, strawberry smoothies, seltzer water, and of course, iced tea.

A snack I have been making almost daily is (freshly popped on the stove) popcorn. Amy's tend post inspired me to add herbs to it, so I went out and picked a few sage leaves (her recipe uses basil) and stirred them into the popcorn. So good! (I missed posting at tend on Thursday due to an awful migraine, sorry about that.)

Last week we took our cat Jack to the vet. He's been having unusual muscle spasms, which of course, raised our concern. Right now, we are waiting on more test results, checking for various things in his blood work. So at this point, these seizures remain a mystery. Thankfully he isn't in any pain.

An upside to the 104°F heat? Laundry dries on the line in about thirty minutes flat. Thankfully today (Sunday) is a bit cooler.

Did you know I'm keeping a journal at Blue Sparrow Press?

It's great to see a new handmade shop in downtown Lawrence. Welcome made! Aimee visited the shop and posted some great pics on her blog.

Have you seen Stephanie's new e-course, Creative Courage? I can think of no one better to lead a course, it looks amazing.

Here's some photos of a new project, an artist's studio, that my husband and his company designed and built. It is fantastic. I'm so proud of them!

I'm glad we're starting a new week. Last one was tough. I'm ready to move on!