A quiet morning

It is quiet this morning, only a few sparrows and wrens are darting about, and the veil of white cottony clouds seem to be softening the intense heat. Today is supposed to only reach the low nineties. And although I'm moving slowly this morning, after printing late last night, I do want to take advantage of the slightly cooler day and pull a few weeds in the garden. Then later I will return to printing. Yesterday I worked on a card, which I think will be kind of special. Not that the card itself is what is special, but for what it will be, if that makes sense. Hopefully I'll share it soon at the Blue Sparrow journal.

And somehow today is the last Friday in July. Less than a month until school begins again. Summer, why do you slip so quickly?

Oh, I'll be closing my Etsy shop for good Sunday evening, so this is the last chance to take advantage of my sale!

Have a good weekend,