Weekly Roundup

Last night while M. and I were out on an evening stroll I said how can it be possible that it is almost time for the new school year to start? Weren't we just doing that for last year? And it seems we were just enjoying dinner with Alicia, Rachel and families. Yet it was already 'way back' in June. (pictured above)

Here's what has been interesting to me this week and a bit of my current projects:

Stephanie's project, 12 Countries in 12 Months. The first stop on her tour of Europe is Vienna, and she shares some inspiring views. You can also take part, find out here.

Silk screen prints by Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi at Sonnenzimmer. Namely the tenth poster down on the page, work entitled "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart."

I've been looking at and reading about the work of Judy Pfaff. I'm especially interested in the prints she did in the early 1990's at Crown Point Press.

Slowly I've been working on the website for Blue Sparrow Press. And by slowly I mean it takes me forever to make tiny changes. However yesterday I took what felt like a big step and announced the shop opening date of Monday, August 22. Gulp. I mean Yay! There is lots to do to get ready but I am excited to have a fixed date.

This week I have had the opportunity to work on a really enjoyable commission, using these colors. While lately I have been focused on printing I didn't realize how much I needed to work in watercolor. It is so important to draw often, daily, and this project hit that point home for me all over again.

Have a good weekend!