A little bit lately

These echinacea have now gone to seed. In the mornings goldfinches sit on top of the heads and eat the seeds, something I enjoy watching. Well I just spent part of this morning in the garden spraying the okra for aphids, using the recipe Natalie posted. We've never had trouble with aphids on the okra before. Then I walked over to the squash, harvested about ten squash, some of questionable size, and noticed we're getting squash bugs. Drat! Now I need to research how to handle those. Anyway, I didn't intend for this to become like one of my tend posts but I suppose I've gotten in the mindset of writing about the garden on Thursdays. Have you seen the great lineup of guests at tend this week? We're so grateful for their time in writing thoughtful articles about their gardening experiences. Stop on over. There's even a post scheduled for Saturday you won't want to miss!

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